Innovation exposes students to new learning opportunities. It enhances the university’s capacity for doing research and attracting grants. It removes barriers to developing valuable community partnerships.  ITS is committed to engage in projects that have a positive impact by making connections with partners through big data and infrastructure. This creates an opportunity for UNCG to have a positive and lasting impact for the city, regional, and state levels.

Strategic Plan Goals

  • Strengthens our value proposition to students by increasing access to a variety of learning opportunities and overcoming barriers to successful completion for first generation, underserved and achieving students
  • Supports our faculty in building engaging pedagogical scaffolding that allows students to learn and progress at their level
  • Provides the environment for research that will increase scholarly impact through grant submissions and research dollars
  • Solidifies community partnerships that help UNCG embrace the spotlight as a leader in shaping our shared place and shared fate with the City of Greensboro, the region and the state

Projects that support this strategic direction: