Project Overview

Identity and Access Management (IAM), at its core, enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons. The modernizing UNCG’s Identity and Access Management services represents the University’s ongoing commitment to a stable and strong foundation of ensuring they have the tools they to access the information resources of today and tomorrow. There are a number of sub-events that are requirements for the successful implementation. Low-level project plans and timelines will be developed for each of these projects as appropriate. “Identity and Access Management” is defined as the combination of:

  • Digital identities, and processes related to identity lifecycle management
  • Identity management registry (Microsoft Identity Management)
  • Password management tools
  • Directories (e.g. AD, LDAP)
  • Enterprise Group Management (Grouper)
  • Access and authentication tools (e.g. Single Sign-on)
  • Support providers’ and service owners’ roles and responsibilities
  • Enterprise processes that drive the University’s data that support the management of electronic identities and access.
  • Security
  • Governance and training

Purpose / Benefits

  • Improved Service Delivery
  • Cost savings through increased efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improved use of UNCG Username and Password as the single credential for accessing University electronic resources
  • Increased adoption of standards and best practices in technologies, processes, and business rules leading to more consistent, supportable service outcomes

Project Timeline

  • Q2-1 CY19-20

    • Establish IAM Governance
    • Define Baseline Roles and Birthright Entitlements for Students, Employees and Affiliates
    • Replace Default Account Activation with new Account Claim Process for Students & Employees
    • Replace Self Service Password Management with Azure SSPR
    • Shift from legacy to current technology platform
  • Q4-1 CY19-20

    • Implement MIM Technology Baseline
    • Baseline MIM Provisioning for Students and Employees
    • Baseline MIM Deprovisioning
    • Cloud BC/DR for SSO
    • Data integrations
    • Migration to New Identity & Access Managment Environment
  • Q2-3 CY20

    • Active Directory Redesign
    • Business Process Improvements
    • Advanced Group management
    • Workflow & Delegation
    • Certification/Attestation
    • Social Login / Social Identity Implementation
    • ServiceNow workflow integration
    • Advanced Affiliate/Guest Lifecycle
    • Begin Banner ID / PIN replacement
  • Q3-4 CY20

    • Required 2FA/MFA
    • re-Define non-Principal (secondary) Accounts services
    • IAM Reporting


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Team Roster

  • Terry Brandsma : Library Service
  • Kelly Burke : Graduate Admissions
  • Greg Hodges : Finance & Administration
  • Chris Keller : Undergraduate Admissions
  • Jeanne Madorin : Human Resources
  • Chris Partridge : Registrar’s Office
  • Jodi Pettazzoni : Acadedemic Affairs
  • George Still (Chair) : Student Affairs
  • Rob Saunders : Advancement
  • Tolly Tollefson : Financial Aid
  • Andrea Whitley : Faculty Personnel Services